1980 Browning Aerocraft Mach II

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This is the view looking towards the Bow and into the cuddy.
There is a bulkhead between the cuddy well and a empty compartment.   It was full with 100 lbs. of saturated foam.
Aerocraft pic
Opened up the cuddy well bulkhead......NOT HAPPY!   Serious Rot and Water !
This is/was the main crossmember 2x4 from strarboard to port under the cuddy bulkhead.
Chainsaw will worked wonders here...
I am planning on extending the well into the outside deck. so I cut it open.   It'll need grinding, another hot day in the tyvek suit.
Aerocraft pic
Found this nice smelling slurry under the bulkhead 2x4 Aerocraft pic
This is what you'll find, rusty staples and plenty of them. Get a Tetanus shot, you are gonna get hurt and cut, guaranteed ! Aerocraft pic
No, thats not Ebony or Black Walnut plywood Aerocraft pic
$30.00 Chainsaw cleaned the bulkhead between tank, bilge and stringers. The glass laminate is still standing. Aerocraft pic
Tools I used to do the job
Yup, that's a chainsaw.. works great for digging out mushy plywood stringers and buckheads and not tearing up the fiberglass. If you are doing a job like this .. Get one!
Aerocraft pic
WHO is it?
a. Chainsaw Wielding Stringer Slinger
b. Serial Mold Murderer
c. Well-dressed Fiberglass Hacker
d. Soggy Bottom Boat Owner
e. all the above
Aerocraft pic
Almost all the foam digging and cleaning out is done.
Now I'll be cutting, grinding, sanding, and leveling some of the mfg's wonder works.
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