1980 Browning images/cuddy/Aerocraft Mach II

Week 5, 10 Aug
New Stringers
Aged and dryed pressure treated lumber freshly coated with epoxy resin
Should be good and not rot for the next 25 years.
Almost to pretty to cover with cloth.
I bought 300/21 cycloaliphatic (non-blushing) resin and catalist from John Greer Assoc.   Good price for everything and he sells closed cell 2# foam also.   I can use super clear epoxy on my bar top if I have any left over.
Aerocraft pic
I got some cheap 18-24oz WOVEN ROVING remnants on eBay 25lb. $.99
Material is new and the panels are good size but there is a lot of frayed edges.
I had to solve the fray problem. I sprayed the edges and the cut lines with 3M90 on one side.   It keeps everything in place, stops the fraying and makes cutting to size very easy.  The white edge is the 3M90. 
Aerocraft pic
Trimmed straight lines and no fray.
I 'm using the 3M90 to keep the weave in place anyway and aplied to one side you can still wet it out just fine.
Aerocraft pic
Stringers installed and Cuddy step well and forward gas tank / floor support set to correct height Aerocraft pic

The pink foam is the bed for the outer stringers. Originally there were none here.  I thought that an extra pair of stringers and floor support should be placed here.
Aerocraft pic
Rubber strips for the the gas tank supports installed.  Those laying there are some left overs I'll use in the middle (floor) support.. Aerocraft pic
I was not going to do this:   Removed the Gas tank. But, having read horror stories about aluminium fuel tanks corroding and leaking, when they are imbedded in wet foam. My conscience being my guide.. Took it all apart and removed the tank.   Of course it was full of fuel.   70 gallons of 3 year old gasoline.
Had a dificult time syphoning it out but the "Free Gasoline" brought a lot of willing help here.
It's OK on the bottom but the support lumber was rotten ofcourse, and the 2" foam was soaked. So, I am glad I did do it, in retrospect.
Aerocraft pic
Grinding out the old seat support and roughing up the old fiberglass for the new epoxy. Aerocraft pic
Soggy Bottom Boat owner's happy face.
Some one always calls you to the phone when you're busy..!!
Aerocraft pic
Being new to boat restoration and fiberglassing the I learned alot in short period. Using the glue spray edging method is the best thing I've come up with. It's probably done all the time but I have not read about doing that anywhere.  Saves a lot of waste and loose fibers floating around.  I only sprayed one side so it should still wet out OK and I am using the 3m90 to keep the weave in place.  You should try it.
I have all the dirty work done. Everything's cleaned up and coated what needs to be coated with epoxy.   The temperature has finally come down to a livable level.   So, now maybe I can get this project done.
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