1980 Browning images/cuddy/Aerocraft Mach II

Week 7, 21 Aug
I didn't like the bottom paint that was on the boat, especially on the transom. It was just grubby looking and didn't match the hull side paint at all. I wanted to remove it because I wanted to see what was hidden underneath. Happy to report it was just Gelcoat.

I removed the antifouling paint from the transom and along the hull sides. I used lacquer thinner and a flat edged wooden scraper to remove most of it. Then washed it with detergent and a soft scrubby pad, then wetted it again with thinner to get the last little bit off. Then washed it again with detergent.

Aerocraft pic Aerocraft pic
I think a little polish may remove the discoloration of the old bottom paint.
The original height on the trailer guides was too low. They were perfect for breaking the light off and scratching up the hull below the rub rail. I made a new set of rolling guides that will ride the rub rails.
Aerocraft pic Aerocraft pic
Stress cracks on the dash ! It looks like it was covered up with black vinyl which is dryed out. At least they are not in front of the windshield on the outer upper deck. I layed a straight edge accross the dash and found a 3/8" sag in the middle. There was/is no support under the dash. The cubby wall was just held in place with some screws and a "L" shaped bracket to the floor. (no tabbing) I will put a cross beam there when I lay the cubby door and bulkhead out. There are also 14 screw holes in various places that need filled. Aerocraft pic
OUCH! I apperantly got a moldy wood splinter in the elbo (gloves don't cover elbo's). The elbo got seriously infected and swelled up the size of an egg. The swelling went down my left arm and hand and doubled in size of my hand within a few hours.
I went to the emergency room, not knowing what it was initially. Outpatient surgery: cut it open removed the moldy wood splinter and drained the fluid, sewed it shut with 7 stitches, all done.... and Not a good feeling, HURTS LIKE HELL!!.
Aerocraft pic Aerocraft pic Aerocraft pic
It started out as an interesting week, mixing resin with thickners, wetting out FB cloth and generally making a mess. Epoxy sticks to everything that you do not want it to stick to. It has a tendency to make every tool you own sticky.
Wasted a good day in the hospital so, this week I won't get nothing done.

Going to Newport Rhode Island for a week. It's gonna be good getting away, recoupe and see some million dollar yachts.

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